Marketing: how to Gain Trust Faster Than Your Competition

Bridal Leads MasteryEver wonder why some business owners succeed while others fail? Here’s the secret recipe: combine anticipation with innovation and add a lot of relationship marketing. But that is not enough! Your ultimate business survival depends on your state of mind and your skills. You need to make the right decisions at the right time and gain trust faster than your competitors. The only way to earn trust is by offering your clients something that has more value than what they get if they go to your competition. Ready to become a phenomenally successful business owner? If your answer is a solid “yes”, I invite you to continue reading…

5 Basic Obstacles of Sales

I’m sure you have heard of Zig Ziglar – an American author, salesman and motivational speaker.

According to Zig Ziglar, “every sale has 5 basic obstacles: potential buyers have 1) no need, 2) no money, 3) no hurry to buy, 4) no desire and finally 5) no trust in you or what you offer”.

Trust is the foundation of all successful relationships!

Before we look into how you can earn trust, let us go to the core of trust:

Trust is focused on something that will happen in the future, it allows your customers to give you control over their purchase, and it reduces the risk that their buying experience will be a total disaster.

But most of all, trust is a human emotion, a feeling, based on shared beliefs and values.

Avoid Cognitive dissonance

Trust reduces “cognitive dissonance”. If customers experience cognitive dissonance, they feel a discomfort, caused by conflicting ideas, beliefs or values. And in a state of dissonance, your customers feel awful, anger, or embarrassment.”

Guess what happens next? They go to your competitor. The one they do trust!!!!

What can you do to avoid this cognitive dissonance?

The answer might surprise you:

“Get people talking about you in the most positive way that you could ever imagine”.

Generate Positive Word of Mouth!

Now, let us work on this idea of positive Word of Mouth.

What I am basically saying is: “You need to work on receiving positive reviews”.

Positive reviews from your customers, shared by WOM with friends or family, will reduce the cognitive dissonance, and this generates Trust.

Social proof confirms people in their beliefs that you provide the best product or service!

I don’t know if you are familiar with Andy Sernovitz book: “How Smart Companies get People Talking“? In this must have WOM book he shares 3 reasons that get people talking about you.

#1 they like you and your stuff.

#2 talking about you makes them feel good.

There are 3 things that explain this behavior:

  • We want to look smart.
  • We want to help other people.
  • we want to feel important.

#3 The final reason people talk about you is that they feel connected to the group

So, ask yourself these 2 questions every day:

“Do your customers have an enduring desire to maintain a relationship with you / your brand or company?”


“What do you do to earn your customers trust each day?”

Takeaway: to build your phenomenal business success, you need to gain trust faster than your competition. Customers, clients will only hire you or buy your products if they trust you! If you offer unique products and services, your customers will talk about you in the most positive way you could ever imagine. So, give people something of higher value to them (than your competition does) and get people talking about you!

Thank you truly for your attention! Let us know your thoughts about trust. Please share your comment in the box below!


Thanks for another great post Juan. Your comments have relevance for every industry. As you say everything is based on trust, so building trust has to be the #1 objective for everyone in a company.

JuanFlx moderator

@evolvingWe Thanks Josh for sharing your experience with offering excellent customer support!