How Your Business Becomes “The Voice” Winner with Social Media


Are You the Next "The Voice" Winner!?


Do you ever dream of becoming tomorrow’s somebody? NBC shows, like The Voice, know how to generate engagement to discover tomorrow’s next top vocal artist. Read this article to learn 7 key elements that will make you the next “The Voice” winner in today’s social business world.

If you want to win the battle for “The Voice” in today’s business world, you need to embody words like “awareness”, “likability”, “trustworthiness”, “quality”, “enchantment”, “engagement” and “attention”. If you don’t know where to start, start by learning seven key elements that will lead your business on it’s way to success. Here they are:

#1 Nobodies are the new somebodies

Big companies, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple or Zappos started off small, and then, once they had their base customers they grew into what they are now. Some even started in their parent’s garage, like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Imagine if they had access to the social web back then.

Start by creating high quality products and offer excellent service, and the social web will make you tomorrow’s somebody by generating tons of referrals. Your business does not thrive on viral content, but on loyal customers. “You can bypass big brands with the right enthusiasts” (Guy Kawasaki).

#2 Humanize your social media to monetize it

Social media are great tools to support your relationship marketing. Follow clear guidelines to build your success. Don’t push out sales offers all the time!

Use Pareto’s law: 80 percent is sharing other people’s content, listening to your customers, requesting feedback, offering great service and 20 percent is sharing your own content to solve people’s problems and fulfill their needs. Watch the money come in next!

# 3 Go beyond your brand and consider sharing your business ethics

It has been said many times: people only do business with people they know, like and trust. Generating awareness might not be that challenging on today’s social web, but to be likable and trustworthy can be quite challenging for some! If you want to learn from one of the best examples, I challenge you to check out: Zappos Family Core Values.

#4 Connectedness (and your Klout) score matter

Mari Smith ones said: “Content is King but engagement is Queen”. And it’s so true! Think about this metaphor: “it’s useless to broadcast a TV show -even “The Voice” when no one is in the room.” So, focus on engagement by sharing great content. As people start to know you, like you and trust you, they will also share your content with their peeps. This will boost your level of influence.

#5 Don’t worry about making mistakes

Dare to make mistakes. If you’re an employer, first thing you should tell your people is that making mistakes is what makes us better! Cultivate a culture that knows no fear. Although, it will be obvious for everyone that you’re in the business of outperforming yourself everyday, screwing up is not the end of your thriving business. Be open and honest when you make a mistake and repair the damage as soon as possible. Your customers will trust you for ever.

#6 Be mobile-friendly

Remember that mobile usage outweighs computers by 5 to 1 ATTOW. The Voice’s business model is partly build on viewers (13 years or older) casting votes using toll-free phone numbers. Whatever product or service you offer online, make sure people can access it by mobile phone.

Start building your mobile marketing strategy today. Here’s a great article by Social Media Examiner to learn more on QR codes and MS tags: Mobile Marketing with QR Codes and MS Tags.

#7 Be a little paranoid about your customers privacy

Respecting and protecting your customers’ privacy should be your rule number one if you want to build your business on relationship marketing. Publish your privacy policy on your site and explain how you collect, use and (under certain conditions) disclose your customers’ personal information. Here’s a good example of how to set up your Privacy Policy by

TakeAway: to be tomorrow’s “The Voice” winner in today’s business world- you need to outperform yourself and your competitors every day. Share valuable content, generate engagement and respect your customers more than anything.


Highly recommended: 30 Social Media Predictions for 2012 from the Pros  and The 7 Secrets to Strategic Marketing Success on the Social Web.

Credits: thanks to Mari Smith and Guy Kawasaki for sharing these 7 key elements in their free webinar “The 7 Hottest Social Media Business Trends”.

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