How Mind-Blowing Customer Service will Wow Your Buyers

natural-running-storeDo you ever wonder how social customer service can give you customers for life? Read this to learn how mind-blowing customer service, supported by social media, will boost your business growth. Invest in relationships and you’ll soon have not to worry about competitors.

Social Customer Service equals building Relationships

In his new book, Return on Relationship, Ted Rubin builds rapport for investing in relationships. To quote Ted:

Relationships are the new currency, honor them, invest in them, and start measuring your Return On Relationships.

Improving your customer service with social media is one of the best investments in relationships that money can’t buy.

Let me explain what I mean by that: entrepreneurs who understand the essence of social media, have proven to be remarkably successful. These are the kind of business owners that focus on the relationship first. They know that social media are not about the tools or the content, but all about showing others how much you care about them.

Jay Baer -owner of Convince and Convert– has phrased this so well by stating:

The difference between helping and selling is just 2 letters. But those letters make all the difference. Your company needs to become a YOUtility. Sell something, and you make a customer. Help someone, and you make a customer for life.

IMO, investing a lot of dollars in social customer service, without giving your buyers what they really want, is a total waste of your money.

So, key question is: how can excellent social customer service be your marketing vehicle to success? 

The following case will show you how!

Discover Excellent Customer Service

Social Media Examiner’s case study writer Casey Hibbard, presents an exceptional example of Wowing Customers with unheard of service.

Meet Natural Running Store owner Patton Gleason. In this video he is talking about running and happiness!

Patton Gleason is one of those social entrepreneurs who get what Return on Relationship (ROR) actually means. He has managed to give his customers the personal attention they deserve.

In Social Customer Service Allows Startup to Outpace the Competition, Casey explains:

“By wowing customers with unheard-of service, Natural Running Store has turned into a serious competitor in the running shoes market”

Patton’s secret? He is a terrible sales guy! But the power of Patton is, that he has turned this weakness into his strength.

By giving his customers a highly personal touch and using social media for extraordinary customer service, he has transformed his online shoe store into a thriving business.

Just visit Natural Running Store’s website to discover “60 Days of Better”.

You can try a pair of Newtons for 60 days, and return the shoes if you don’t love them in any condition!

Patton uses social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and his Blog to answer questions about natural running shoes in an extremely personal way.

On top of that, he creates video messages to thank his buyers.

Some Social Customer Service Tips

  • Twitter is an ideal channel for customer service if you can immediately solve 80% of the problems. You open the doors to your clients, to show how smart you are at solving problems. Make sure you or your customer service agents have access to a huge amount of information.
  • For successful real-time improvement of customer service, you need to have an ear for complaints. Monitor online what is shared about your business. There are many tools available. Just think about setting up a real-time system with tools like Google Alert, Social Mention, Twitterfall, HootSuite or SproutSocial.
  • Integrating social media in your customer service signals to your clients that you take them serious. It shows that you want to listen to what they have to say. Inviting your clients to ask questions via Twitter or Facebook, gives you or your agents more time to return the right answer! This is a win-win for you and your buyers.

Takeaway: social media allow you to offer intensely personal customer service and build solid relationships with your buyers.

These are the kind of investments that will leave your competitors in the dark.

Help others and you will earn their trust and build customers for life. That is, IMO, the maximum return on relationship.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Share your reaction in the comment box below.

Kelly Lester
Kelly Lester

So true Juan!! People are always SHOCKED when I reply the same day, pick up the phone, or fix their problem in a friendly and timely manner. It's AMAZING how you can grow your biz by simply offering the kind of customer service that you would want if you had to contact a company. I actually kinda look forward to someone complaining. I fix their issue, and then they tell 12 of their friends all about their nice experience :)