How Valuable Content Converts Leads into Paying Customers

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Do you want to attract quality leads and convert them into paying customers? Stop searching and read this to learn how to do just that, right now! Discover how great content will entice your target audience to give YOU the money and not your competitors! This article is especially written for solopreneurs!

#1 Start with Your Overarching marketing strategy

Whatever business you are running, always start with the end in mind. How much money a month will keep your business floating? Next, answer the following questions to see if you have a business case that generates tons of leads!

What kind of problems do you solve or what needs do you fulfill? How do you connect with your target audience in your niche? How much money will they spend on this? What kind of products or services do you offer? And what is the total amount of cash they need to buy all your stuff!

So, ask yourself this very important question, as Mari Smith says:

“If I buy everything that you offer, what’s it going to cost and what do I get for my money?”

Answer these questions first to build your overarching marketing strategy.

#2 Create long-term Content

content-adEveryone knows by now that successful marketing strategies generate tons of traffic to your site. But not all businesses succeed in attracting the right kind of traffic! First, connect with your target audience and create content that matches their mental relevancy.

Create content for the long-term to generate traffic that converts! Laser target your content to attract the audience that wants to buy. As Guy Kawasaki says so eloquently about sharing content:

“What you’re doing is you’re constantly earning the right to promote your product or service, and I think that’s a very good business model. That’s why you do social media.”

So, offer great content, to earn the right to promote to your target audience. Follow Pareto’s law, give your prospects 80% great content and intersperse that with 20% marketing messages.

#3 Respect your valuable time

I think this final point is the most important one of all, especially if you are a solopreneur! There’s only one of you, so be careful of selling your valuable time. Here are 3 useful examples of different business models to grow your business, while limiting your time investment:

One to many webinars: take 1 hour or 45 minutes (plus 15 minutes Q&A) to educate people. Record it and people can even watch it as you sleep. End your webinars with a clear Call to Action!

Joint ventures: is a great example of a really successful JV. Mike Stelzner has daily guest bloggers for his valuable content. He uses it to sign up subscribers to his newsletter. And this back channel works to promote his yearly webinars with top professionals in the social media industry – like Mari Smith or Guy Kawasaki.

Affiliate marketing: create a digital product and offer a commission to your affiliates in return for spreading the word. Connect with your brand advocates and build your most effective marketing machine. They might not do it for the money, but offering them a fair commission will nurture a long-term relationship.

Recommended: if you like to see a great lead collection company in action, I suggest you study HubSpot.

Take Away: social media makes it a lot easier for all of us solopreneurs, to market our business and generate leads. Your success depends on your well worked out overarching marketing strategy, based on your solid business case. Work on your business model: know what your target audience needs, what they get for their money if they choose you and how you get a big share of their wallet (SOW).

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