3 Blog Secrets: Go Viral with Organic Traffic

Ever wonder how to make blogging a vital part of your business strategy? How to target the right audience and attract people to do business with you? Read this to learn 3 secrets that will make your blog go viral with organic traffic.


#1 Join a tribe for social sharing

Blogging your business to success depends on 3 essential things, if joined, will accelerate your blog traffic beyond your wildest imagination.

The first thing you need is social access to influential people who are willing to share your content with their followers and fans.

Triberr is one of those platforms to connect with like-minded peers, bloggers searching for useful content to share fresh insights with their peeps. To learn the basics about triberr, go to Alltriber.

I’m fortunate to be a member of the tribe 12 Most, initiated by tribe leader Peg Fitzpatrick. 12 most can count on the support of 42 tribe members with a joint reach of 1.2 million people! And these 42 members share fresh content each day. So, not only a prominent place to share content but also to curate for excellent content.

To join a tribe, go to triberr, and read How to Request to Join a Tribe.

#2. Control Google rankings

Google still controls your online visibility. Yes, social media have a strong impact on generating traffic to your website, but Google is still the number one traffic generator. Google handles 66 percent of all U.S. searches.

Google loves fresh content that attracts lots of links (inbound links). And it rewards you with high-ranking on Google’s search results. So, if you haven’t started your blog yet, I urge you to check out SEOmoz blog and start working on your rankings right away.

When you wonder what type of content to publish on your blog, think about a clear strategy first. Blogging for business is not about you or your products or services. It’s about the problems and desires of the people you want to reach: your readers! So, publish content that caters to the needs of search engines and people.

In other words, use the type of content that teaches people something of value to them and taps into high search volume on Google, Bing or Yahoo.

If you want to check out search volume for keywords in your industry, start with Google’s Keyword tool: look for keywords with high search volume and low competition.

#3 Create killer content that rules

Killer content is the kind of content that attracts a large audience and arouses so much excitement that your readers can not help but share it with their social network. This type of content creates virality by its remarkable character.

So, how do you make this compelling content? It’s not easy, but you can learn to do it. Everyone can. All you need is the perfect blueprint to build it for high visibility in search engines and magnetic headlines that scream to be shared. In other words, study top bloggers, read their articles, understand the structure of killer blog posts and practice a lot.

If you want to learn more about killer content, check out 7 Content Rules to make Customers only want to hire You!


With the magic combination of social networking, search engine optimization and killer content, you attract a lot of new visitors to your blog. This will improve your rankings even more. Follow this systematic approach and watch how you build your irresistible market position. Be ready for the tipping point! You’ll recognize it when people will come to you to ask if they can do business with you. Just a dream? I’d say, try it and see what happens.

Blogging for business is not about bragging about your brand, products or services. It should be totally focused on fulfilling needs and solving problems of other people. Use a systematic approach to build a loyal following of readers who get to know you, like you and trust you. If you manage to do just that, you’ll have a strong relationship to show them what you have to offer and cash in on your business blog.

What are your thoughts on this? Please share the link to your business blog in our comment and we’ll visit your blog too and leave a comment for you 🙂



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