Felix Relationship Marketing

Community Management Services

  • Engage

    Our experienced online community managers operate as the first point of contact for your brand or organization. We deliver value by responding rapidly to your customers inquiries, questions, or complaints. We use our communication skills to make your customers feel important. We help you to connect with people who appreciate your brand in many different ways. Our community managers know how to make your customers happy, keep them happy and make them come back for more! We offer your customers a unique brand experience, will position you as "go to expert" in your industry and nurture long term relationships with your customers. Our systematic and proven approach will optimize your customer service and grow your bottom line.

  • Moderate

    We will keep your social media contact channels free of spam by setting up a very clear social media policy and executing it systematically. Our community managers act as gatekeepers who want to keep the conversation with your customers free of distracting spammy messages. We monitor your social properties for spam posts, inappropriate content and other sensitive messages. We work round the clock, so that you can rest assured knowing that your page is constantly under the watchful eyes of our community managers.

  • Content

    Valuable content is the lifeblood for your business in today's interconnected world where customers constantly search online for solutions to their problems. Our community managers love to create and curate sharable content that will address your customers main concerns. We will create a detailed content calendar and editorial guide and help your company to become an effective publisher of content that attracts valuable traffic to your online points of contact.